Shouts & Maydays

The Shout menu has the following options…

Set EPIRB          Outputs your current global coords in local chat for subsequent broadcast
Go to EPIRB       Waits for broadcast EPIRB coords to be entered into local chat
Get Flare           Copies a red position marker smoke flare from the hud to your inventory
Use Flare           Activates a flare if you are holding one
Stand Down     Removes the shout info from the target panel, and clears the target pointer
Main Menu        Returns to the main menu

To use the shout system, two parties are involved: the stricken craft, and the rescue craft. A shout is initiated when the stricken craft activates its EPIRB. The rescue craft then responds to the shout and uses the information in the target panel to navigate to the stricken craft to carry out the rescue. The method that is used to do this is currently based on clicking a menu option and copying and pasting some text. It goes like this…
Stricken craft activates EPIRB…
From the main menu, pick Shout, then pick Set EPIRB.

Text like this appears in local chat…
[14:18]  ZM  Navmaster HUD v1.03 whispers: Copy/paste the info below into SLCG comms…
EPIRB POSITION <290884.50000, 269700.70000, 132.20870>

Select and copy all of the SECOND  line of text: the “EPIRB POSITION <290884.50000, 269700.70000, 132.20870>” bit.

Then, paste this text into the comms channel you are using to send your mayday. This can be group chat, GridTalkie channel, private IM with an associate, etc.

With this done, your EPIRB has been activated.
Rescue craft receives EPIRB signal….
Select and copy the “EPIRB POSITION <290884.50000, 269700.70000, 132.20870>” text from the comms channel being used for the shout. Make sure to include all of the “EPIRB POSITION” text at the start, and the ‘greater than’ symbol: “>” at the end. Do NOT include any other text.

From the main menu, pick Shout, then pick Go to EPIRB.

The hud is now listening for EPIRB coords on LOCAL CHAT – paste the copied text in, and press enter.

The hud will respond by changing the target panel from yellow to green, and activating the target pointer. You will see…

        A red lamp in the top-right corner of the compass panel.
        The range to the target in metres.
        The bearing to the target in degrees (true degrees – not SL degrees).
        The name of the sim where the EPIRB was set off.
        The target pointer in the middle of the compass.
The target pointer, and target range and bearing, will update constantly as you move around.
Map Beacon
At this point, the map beacon has not been set – you can use the beacon normally to set intermediate waypoints to aid your navigation of the route to the shout. When you are ready, you can set the map beacon to the shout by picking Set Beacon in the main menu.
The Navmaster comes with a supply of flares. These are especially useful if the stricken craft has drifted from the EPIRB position that the rescuer has locked on to, or if the victim has become separated from the craft. The flares are 30-second smokes which send out billowing red clouds. Rescuers are recommended to use a fairly high particle count in their viewer’s graphics settings to ensure that there is plenty of smoke. The smoke is quite dense and is visible from several hundred metres.

There are two menu options for the flares – Get Flare and Use Flare. Get Flare will place a flare into your inventory – all you have to do is wear it, and it’s ready for use. If you already have a flare in inventory, you can wear that, but it may be quicker in an emergency to get a new one from the hud.

When you wear it, the flare will appear in your right hand. To activate it, pick Use Flare. You can also click the flare directly (the flares can be used independently of the hud). When activated, it will immediately start emitting red smoke. After 30 seconds, smoke emission will end and the flare will disappear (but will still be in your inventory). 

If you rez a flare on the ground, it will ask if you want to attach it to yourself – simply say yes, and use it when you are ready. A flare that is not attached will self-destruct in a few minutes. A flare cannot be activated unless you are holding it. If you drop an activated flare, it will self-destruct when it expires.
Standing Down
When the rescue has been completed, or if other units are already in attendance, you can cancel the shout by picking Stand Down from the Shout menu. When you stand down, and if no route is active, target panel goes back to yellow, the EPIRB info is removed, and the target pointer disappears. If a route is active, the target pointer and target panel switch to the current waypoint. In either case, the red lamp goes off.

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