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The UFO has been modelled on the classic flying saucer made famous in 1950s B-movies and related media of the period. The main features are…

Very fast, low-prim ridable vehicle with exemplary sim-crossing stability.
Realistic other-worldly, physics-based flight behaviour.
Pulsating red light on the underside when powered up.
Opening dome at the top.
Glowing 50-metre high ‘alien abduction beam’.
Strange alien control panel.
Room for you and four of your alien buddies.

The alien avatar is the classic Roswell-style alien with the skinny body, big head, and ‘dark pools of malevolence’ eyeballs. It now comes with clothing and accessories, and is in its own box. Once you have opened the UFO outfit, the avatar outfit box will be in the same folder as the UFO – rez the avatar box and open to get the avatar outfit in its own folder.

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