Quick Start Guide

Can’t wait to get aloft? Use these commands and controls to get started quickly…

/121 startĀ  – start the engine
/121 stopĀ  – stop the engine
/121 mouse – control the yoke with the mouse when in mouselook
/121 keys – control the yoke with the keys at all times

The /121 chat commands are available in the P110 Skymaster package as gestures.

Once the engine is running, use the standard vehicle keys to control the plane…

PgUp – increase throttle by 5%
PgDn – decrease throttle by 5%
left/right cursor – bank/steer left and right
up/down cursor – dive and climb

The WASD and EC keys mimic the standard movement key functions.

When you are in mouse control mode (look for the magenta indicator lamp at the top-right), the cursor keys don’t do anything. Instead, you move the mouse to control the plane’s movement – it will follow wherever your mouse pointer goes. The throttle controls continue to work normally.

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