Yoke Control

The Flightmaster Avionics system gives you the choice of using the keyboard or mouse to control the plane. Like all other planes, it uses keyboard when in follow-cam mode; but when you are in in mouselook, you can can choose to control the yoke using the mouse instead. This is not simply ‘flying while in mouselook’ that some planes offer, but actually controlling the plane using the mouse. This puts you right in the cockpit with the smoothest, most intuitive control there is.

TIP -  When in mouselook, you can toggle between keyboard and mouse easily by using chat commands – or use the supplied gestures to switch mode with a single keypress.

Fly the way it’s meant to be done with smooth mouse control. When you want to do some sightseeing, switch to keyboard mode and have a good look around in mouselook! If you draw back to follow-cam mode, the plane automatically swtches to keyboard. If you were in the middle of a maneuvre while controlling via mouse, it will gradually level off if you don’t press any keys. If you go back to mouselook, mouse control is automatically reinstated.

Mouse control has another important advantage – it is inherently more lag resistant than any keyboard-based control method. While keyboard pilots are waiting for their planes to respond, you’re already making your smooth, mouse-controlled manuevre.

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