Other Features

NAVIGATION LIGHTS – The plane has navigation lights for use at night. Under the starboard wingtip, there is a green lamp, a red lamp is under the port wingtip, and there is a white strobe under the fuselage. The green indicator lamp in the cockpit shows when the nav lights are on.

COLOUR MENU – Click anywhere on the plane except the canopy to get the colour menu. Use this to choose a colour, and to pick how shiny the plane is.  You can also pick a smoke colour and the canopy colour. You can set whether the canopy is light, dark or or mirrored. When mirrored, you can still see through from inside. This pilot’s guide and a box containing the default gestures are also available via the menu – handy for guest pilots.

SMOKE TRAILS – Smoke can be emitted from the wingtips. The red indicator lamp shows when smoke is being emitted. You can choose from a range of colours via the menu, and you can set a default colour in the configuration notecard.

OPENING CANOPY – The smoothly profiled canopy can be opened and closed with a click. When opening, the rear edge moves forward until it has taken the shape of a small windscreen in front of the pilot.

AUTO-HIDE GEAR – For the super sleek look, the floats and supporting struts can automatically go invisible when the plane is airborne and travelling above a certain speed. When coming in to land, they reappear. You can set your preference for this in the configuration notecard – auto-hide, or floats always visible.

AUTOMATIC UPDATES – When you rez the plane, it will check to see if an update is available. If there is, it will be delivered to you automatically.

COPY & MOD PERMISSIONS – The plane is copy to ensure that any SL-induced losses can be easily replaced, and modify means you can customise the look to suit your preference.

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