Flight Controls & Commands

The default chat control channel is 121. Precede your chat commands with /121, or with whatever number you set up in the config notecard. The main controls are…

/121 start  – start the engine
/121 stop  – stop the engine
/121 throttle nn  – set the throttle to nn% (for example: /121 throttle 35)
PgUp – increase throttle by 5%
PgDn – decrease throttle by 5%
left/right cursor – bank/steer left and right
up/down cursor – dive climb

Or use The WASD and EC keys instead of the cursor and PgUp/Dn keys.

Below is a summary of the chat commands, along with the default F-keys that are used by the matching gestures..

F2                /121 menu                  bring up the colour menu
SHIFT-F2     /121 start                  start the engine
CTRL-F2      /121 stop                   stop the engine
F3                /121 keys                   control yoke using keyboard
F4               /121 mouse                control yoke using mouse when in mouselook
F5               /121 throttle 0          set throttle to zero
F6              /121 throttle 35         set throttle to 35%
F7              /121 smoke on            smoke trails on and off
F8              /121 smoke off
F9              /121 nav on                navigation lights on and off
F10           /121 nav off

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