System Configuration

You can configure certain aspects of the plane by editing the ‘Flightmaster Config’ notecard inside it. Use the  notecard to…

  • Set a custom comms channel for gestures.
  • Make the floats and struts auto-hide or always visible.
  • Set a default smoke colour.
  • Decide wether the pilot and/or passenger start in mouselook mode.
  • Add the names of guest pilots.

Each entry should be on its own line, and has the following format…

# Flightmaster Avionics Configuration File      <— lines starting with a # are comments
                                                           <— blank lines are ignored
Command Channel=121                 <— set the chat/gesture channel
Auto Hide Gear=yes                       <— yes to auto hide floats, no for floats always visible
Smoke Colour=yellow                     <— default smoke colour (can change later in menu)
Pilot Mouselook=yes                       <— yes for mouselook when you board, no for chase-cam
Passenger Mouselook=yes             <— mouselook settings for pasasenger
Pilot=Nomad Zamani                      <— add the name of a guest pilot (one guest per line)

The available smoke colours are: pink, blue, green, red, orange, yellow, black, white, purple.

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