The Navmaster is a navigation hud which is issued to members of the Second Life Coastguard. It is not currently available to the public.

The Navmaster is a rectangular instrument which shows information of various types. It runs independently of any vehicles or other huds. The hud has two display sections: a graphical compass panel, and a group of text information panels. Aside from some on-hud buttons, it is menu-driven.

Its main features are…

  • Fast, smooth rotating compass with heading and target pointers.
  • Clear mode indicator lamps.
  • EPIRB-style shout/mayday system.
  • Routes with easy to use route creation tools.
  • Region logging for patrol reports.
  • General GPS info like speed and position.
  • Runs from only two scripts to minimise server impact at region crossings.
  • Remembers settings and info, even if removed and reattached.

 Compass Panel

The compass updates constantly and has the following features…

Rotating compass rose shows your direction of view.
Blue heading pointer.
Red target pointer.

The compass rose tells you which direction you are looking in, whether it is set by the vehicle you are currently on, or you are in mouselook. This means that it is a true direction of view HUD, and not an indicator of your current heading. A small inverted green triangle at the top of the compass indicates your current direction of view.

The blue heading pointer gives your current direction of travel.  You need to be moving at 1 knot or more for the arrow to appear, otherwise, it is invisible.

When a shout is in progress, or a route is active, the red target pointer appears. This always points towards the EPIRB position given during the shout, or the current waypoint. It gives the direction from your current avatar position.

Note that, as the compass rose rotates when you steer your vehicle or look around in mouselook, the heading and target pointers move with the compass. The heading pointer overlaps the inner edge of the compass rose, and is wider than the target pointer, so that it remains visible when the pointers overlap.

There are also some indicator lamps on the compass panel. A red shout lamp in the top-right corner, and various yellow route lamps. See the GPS documentation for more information about the lamps and how they interact.

Text Panels

The text info section is split into three panels, which are…

Top           Target Panel.
Middle     Region Logging Panel.
Bottom    GPS Panel.

The panels display the following information…

Target Panel

Range in metres, and bearing in true degrees to the EPIRB position or current waypoint.
Name of the sim that the target is in.
Info about the shout or waypoint.

Region Logging Panel

Region log status – ON or OFF.
Number of regions currently stored in the log.

GPS Panel

Current speed in knots, and maximum speed attained since last reset.
Number of sim borders crossed since last reset.
Global grid position in meters.

 The values update constantly as you move around, enter new sims, change waypoint, etc. When you pick Reset from te GPS menu, the values for max speed and number of sim crossings are zeroed, and the list of routes is refreshed.

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